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You like the Comic? You oughtta give Opera another try.

Sometimes, I enjoy a mindless super hero movie. Sure, why not?

These guys – Chris Hemsworth & Chris Evans (what is the plural of Chris, Chrises?) played Captain America and Thor in two eponymous American summer popcorn blockbusters.

Screenshot 2015-02-11 10.49.29

Movies based on super hero comics feature: characters with no ambiguous ethical standing, they are either all good or all bad; gods and larger-than-life characters; godly characters who act impulsively and make mistakes; evil foils and disposable henchmen; ugly bad guys and good looking good guys; clunky exposition; people shouting how they feel all the time like a bunch of teenage girls; rice paper thin love stories that happen at first sight; mistaken or dual identities; temper tantrums and furniture smashing; epic tales of betrayal; origin stories where characters learn their true identity; impossible feats of physical virtuosity; and appalling violence displayed for our entertainment.

So how does this relate to opera? Ummm… you’re kidding, right? Operas are like magnificent comic book movies with better music.

Note: Captain America’s nemesis calls his evil weapon Die Walküre and listens to Wagner. I know it’s cause he’s a Nazi and all but I just want you to pay attention to these details. Opera is all around you.

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