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Vintage French theatrical posters of Daniel Crouet

The items my performer parents accumulated in their long careers sometimes travel down to me in the form of mysterious poster tubes. I have a vague sense of the contents but I’m afraid to unroll them because they are from as far back as 1947 and fragile as a butterfly wing. These were not designed to be long-lasting posters. These are thin paper that got plastered across walls with cheap glue and the expectation of impermanence.

I had looked into mounting and framing for posterity but that was expensive and I have a lot of them. And then I realized that I have things my parents never had: a film degree, digital technology, and a professional photographer friend willing to teach me copy stand.

The lead up to this project was nerve wracking. There’s something about having $20,000 worth of rented camera equipment in the trunk of a car share that makes me jumpy. But it went really well!

I’m pleased to share the result. I’m considering having a few reprinted on canvas so I can manhandle them with impunity.

These posters are of my father’s productions; the only consistent name throughout you’ll see is Daniel Crouet. Here are just a few. Keeping in mind that some of these are wall sized. And obviously I haven’t done any Photoshop to remove the crease lines. I’m still basking in achieving this crucial first step, okay? Let me enjoy it. Ahhhhh.

femmes seules copy

Je suis l'oiseau copy

l'esprit de famille copy

la saint honore copy

le romantisme en france copy

Maree d'automne copy
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