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Travel tip #3

TIP #3 – no suitcase needed If you’re relocating, don’t fly with a suitcase. Take a cardboard box at the maximum allowable limit (currently 1 per purchased seat, 127 inches height/width/depth & no more than 50 lbs) and fill it densely with all of your most needed items. I call this a “starter” box. You’ll have everything you’ll need at your new place.


Most airlines will allow you to pay an extra luggage fee so you might even be able to take more than one of these boxes.

Another tip, before you pack up your life, pack your “starter boxes” with all the things you will need at your destination. This test pack will help you figure out exactly what you can fit with you on the flight and it will ensure that you don’t later pack something vital into the stuff you’re about to ship.

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