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Travel tip #1

I’m in the midst of the packing. It’s just as crappy as I remember.

As I’ve done this annually my whole life, and often intercontinentally, I’ve picked up a few tricks. I’ve never seen these outlined anywhere else, but then again I’ve never consulted experts so perhaps I’m repeating stuff you’ve already considered.

2013-07-06 14.58.52

[Only twenty of these to pack up a family of four yet it still feels like too much stuff.]

My moves are complicated by the fact that I try to be green so very little of my stuff is disposable.

Anyway, I’m calling this Tip #1 as I may give you more as I go along. It may help me stay cheerful. Maybe.

TIP: Use paper towels instead of newspaper to cushion your various fragile bits and bobs. At the other end you can undo the paper towels and use them to clean your new place until you can unpack your washable tea towels. Bonus feature: paper towels won”t leave newsprint everywhere so you can pack fragile stuff inside blankets or clothing for an added layer of protection.

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