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  • Sam Darling

The look of love

I was on public transit when a man only a bit younger than myself sat across from me. He looked very much like a boyfriend I had in high school. Same body type and coloring of hair and eyes, similar way of moving. He even sort of dressed like that teenager I used to know who no longer exists.

He must have noticed I was staring at him in a weird way and when he looked up I smiled at him as though we knew each other, I gave a nod, and went back to my reading.

And realization hit me.

The smile I just gave him. That’s the smile so many older men and women have flashed at me in public spaces over the years when I noticed them staring at me.

I understand now. I reminded them of someone — a daughter, a sister, a friend — I look like someone they used to love.

I think this was the moment I officially turned the corner from young to old.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Find love anywhere.

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