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On the move…

What’s better than moving to the other side of the planet with a two-year old? Doing it again with a six-year old and this butterball baby-boo:


You read that right; we’re moving again!


Some of our old and current passports. The six-year old has already been to nine countries. The kids will have permanent residency or nationality for four different countries.

Most of the time I love being a global citizen because I can have a neutral outsider’s perspective on many important issues. However, as I’m now looking at relocating my life (again!) my instinct is to leave everything I own on the curb (or kerb, depending on where you currently reside) and run away from it. Due to my life, I’m already a minimalist. Everything we own can fit into about thirty small cardboard boxes. And yet it still feels like too much.

Okay. I’ll send a prize to the first person who can guess our new city AND neighborhood.

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