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Nelson hat

I spent part of my childhood in Denmark and picked up on some good techniques for dealing with inclement weather. When I had my own child I started asking people, “You know it’s that hat that’s like a balaclava but it doesn’t have the front face part?” and everyone looked at me like I was crazy.

I was trying to describe the hat as I remembered wearing on my first day of kindergarten in Vallø.

Sam's first day in Vallo

[Also, yes, I know my mother is wearing a fur coat in this photo and I hate fur, but we’ll talk about that in a different post.]

I had to track down the hat and learned it’s called a Nelson. I bought one for my baby through a Danish import store and it was a genius purchase. This little slip of wool is great in all kinds of weather and the key thing is… it doesn’t fall off the baby! Most of the time they don’t even realize they’re wearing it. Now baby #2 is wearing the same Nelson hat and I’m loving it on chilly mornings. Keeps the wind off the ears and neck and they grow into the stretchy wool. A fantastic baby gift!


Bonus, makes the baby look like a tiny knight.

And for the Francophones, you can find this under the name cagoule.

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