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Moving again (!!)

Tibetan monks sometimes make mandalas, intricate designs of colored sand painstakingly created in a non-windy section of the monastery. They make them, and then promptly destroy them, to remind themselves of the transitory nature of being alive. In short, the sacred version of a jigsaw puzzle.

Moving is my mandala. I lost count around the thirtieth move. I’ve been living in a frozen city these past few months but now we’re moving again. Destroy the mandala and order more colored sand. I only just got used to my nose hairs freezing when I go outside.

There are a few habits I’ve developed with moving that friends will remark upon as an idea of merit. I take these habits for granted but I’ll share this one with you in the hopes of making your next move go more smoothly.

The little book.


Rather than putting things on bits of paper, or in a computer or tablet that will eventually be packed, I write all the details of a move into one of these $5 notebooks. It fits easily in my pocket. I can jot down ideas as I have them. As I fill a box, I will number it and then mark all the items into the book. This made detailing a list for customs easy peasy. It also smooths the unpacking process as you know which boxes will have unpacking priority or where to store them at your new place. The box with summer clothes will lie fallow for a while, for example.

I write the information of potential landlords, addresses and phone numbers I will need when I arrive, information on utilities so I have it on hand when I call to change them over, etc. These little books save me hours of looking for where I wrote notes and provides a peace of mind that’s difficult to quantify.

Another pro tip: Write your name and contact info in the first page so if you misplace the bugger (as I have done) it will be returned to you.

From realization to actual move in under four weeks. A new record for me. In the process I’m also meant to be publishing a novel. Novel-writing is another mandala-like endeavor. I’ll let you know when it’s ready for download. Hopefully, soon!

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