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  • Sam Darling

Memento mori

I wrote a book, y’all!

I’ve learned that finishing a project is about ten times harder than starting one. This had me reflecting on why so many creative people are bursting with ideas but a much smaller percentage actually finish what they started.

My motivating factor is death.


[I’d like to purchase a skull to keep on my writing table. All skulls are named Poor Yorick, donchaknow.]

Perhaps it’s due to our plush living and comparatively long lives, but people often act like they have all the time in the world. [Sorry. No.]

So when I’m working on a project – whether it’s a screenplay, a theatrical production, new opera repertoire, a photo project, or in this case, my first novel – I remind myself that I’m going to die. In fact, I tell myself I have exactly six months to live and I better damn well finish this project by then because ain’t nobody going to finish it for me in a posthumous manner.

This works for me. You might try it. Then again, it might motivate you to hide under the doona with a bag of potato chips.

[Some very good books have been written while hiding in bed. It’s not an excuse!]

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