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Helene looking posh

24 Chateau Egurande, Hel199

My grandmother, Helene, in a studio-style portrait with the family dog. In the time before Owen Mills and malls, we still found a way to torture our adorable children. This was taken around 1923, I believe.

78 Paris Sam dogs624

My grandmother had me pose in a similar fashion so she could paint our portrait. I remember this day in my Paris apartment clearly. As I worked as her model I could see her rising frustration in trying to keep us all still long enough to lay down a charcoal outline and snap a few photos. The doorbell rang twice during the modeling and set the dogs off and barking. I probably only stood still for a few minutes but it felt like HOURS.

77 Paris Sam with dogs281

In the end I resorted to wrestling the dogs into submission.

I’m quite certain my grandmother was better behaved as a young child. Look at her! She’s so polished and ladylike.

23 Chateau Egurande, Helene portrait
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