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Felix lets jazz steal him away

Felix E. Kudelka is one of my talented nephews who grew up in Nice, France.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 3.32.01 PM

[Felix in Nice, 2000.]

Like many of my family members, Felix is an intense person and does everything in his life with a great deal of commitment. When I first met him, he was already a young adult and he was passionate about many things, including life in Nice and the Niçart dialect. He also had the great privilege of growing up with the Nice Jazz Festival and essentially studied music from the moment he first toddled around listening to the greats, like Miles Davis, perform.

I’ve written about the French love of jazz and my family’s relationship with jazz before.

The first time I met Felix it was 2001 and I filmed him, because I obnoxiously and obsessively film everything.

Felix has returned to his music and started back on the horn after a long absence. Many people let their creative endeavors lie fallow for a while and they allow themselves to believe that this aspect of their lives is buried forever. But creativity is impossible to suppress forever.

It’s wonderful to hear Felix play again. What talent would you like to resurrect for yourself today?

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