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Family castles and fun

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in castles. Although, technically, many of these are considered manor houses. I have many childhood memories of this particular house in the south of France.

63 Chateau Egurande, family wide shot

60s Helene chateau 5

60s Helene chateau 4

Castles aren’t great for modern living. They’re often isolated and drafty. The bathrooms are well-appointed and somehow always fifty years out of date. So you don’t want to redecorate the amazing bathroom, but it’s a struggle to use it. And there are spiders. And maybe an owl being spooky in the attic.

78 Chateau St Jean family II

It’s adorable the way the family is standing around in candid photos but they’re so darn stylish it looks like a magazine shoot.

78 Chateau St Jean family I

78 Nov Chateau Egurande, Elise, MC, Sam

The living room. My great grandmother under a portrait of my mother.

78 March Chateau St Jean664

77 Chateau St Jean 063

But what do you do with a castle in the middle of nowhere?

You throw a party.

And if you’re stylish like my people, you throw a Medieval fancy dress party. And then you film it. And then you dance in the courtly style. And you light it only with candles. And you serve an authentic meal.

It’s perfect that my cranky grandfather settled on monk garb instead of the tights.

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