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  • Sam Darling

Do you worry about deafness?

I’ve been thinking about my physical well being and how it relates to the opera career.

Anyway, stumbled on this tidbit of research as I was curious why my unusually loud and piercing voice hasn’t damaged my hearing over the years. This research is comforting.


This also relates to that comment I made about wearing earplugs a the gym. I don’t care if I look like the biggest dork in the universe, we musicians have to protect our hearing! [And that goes for you music lovers, too.]

And seriously, the group fitness classes at my gym are a lot of fun but they’re so loud that I can hum along to the pop tunes and no one can hear me. Now I’ve learned the humming may be helping me protect my own hearing.

I wear earplugs at rehearsal when an orchestration is unusually loud.

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