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Beach 1

My people, going way back, must be a seafaring people. I want to discover pirates in my family tree. No, I probably won’t. I’ve always lived by the ocean and when I travel to a place far from the salty sea breezes I feel a pervasive sense of claustrophobia. Put me on a sailboat if you want to see me happy.

Maternal grandmother Helene made many paintings of the seaside towns they visited or lived in during her world travels with her second husband.


Every summer was spent at the beach. That’s a family tradition that goes back a long way. Even when my grandmother was newly remarried and they had almost no money after World War II, they found a way to go camping and enjoy a few weeks by the shore. Her new husband, Roger, was an engineer and loved playing with new technology. He was constantly using the latest cameras.


Hélène Caistaing neé Lasserre newly remarried to Roger Baronnie. On vacation in Palavas-les-Flots, 1949.

He filmed short movies as well.

They look a bit malnourished after so many years of deprivation and war, but they also look happy.

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