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Actor & voice

You’ll find a lot of actors have a side gig as vocalists. You might assume it’s because they’re egomaniacs, but the little-spoken fact is that you can’t make it as an actor unless you have a distinctive or beautiful voice.

It’s odd to me how little it’s discussed when actors are trying to scrabble their way into the entertainment industry. People will spend hours at the gym and discuss their personal style, but they rarely pay attention to how they sound. And I’d argue that quality of voice is fifty percent of what makes the success of an actor possible.

Great acting chops are also required. But let’s consider, Tilda Swinton has changed her voice for various roles, yet even when she tries to sound grating there is a touch of honey in it. It’s a pleasure to listen to her.

Screenshot 2015-01-28 12.25.07

You may look good and get big breaks but if your voice is ordinary then your career is going to stall.

Even the weirdest-looking actors have distinctive voices that are great to listen to. Think of William H. Macy. He has a character actor face, but his voice is distinctive. The audience is drawn to the voice despite unconventional appearance.

There are some exceptions of course–but those with strange or irritating voices are still distinctive, it’s just harder for them to become successful. And if you’re hilarious then your weird looks and strange voice won’t be a problem.

But when you have looks, voice, comedic timing, and a gorgeous stage presence, well then… *ahem* you probably trained as an opera singer.

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