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Whenever I see a bottle of liquid soap or shower gel I get an eye twitch. When did we all decide that hundreds of wasted dollars, product, and extra empty plastic bottles was worthwhile? I switched to the liquid stuff for a while and one day I was just, “Why?”


I’m a bit of a compulsive hand washer. Even cursory study of infectious disease may turn you into a hand washer, too. Although hand-washing and soap are not strictly required to kill germs — it’s the friction that does the job — I like a nice scent. Despite my frequent soap usage, one bar of soap easily lasts a year. With a proper drain tray it doesn’t get slimy and the end piece of a used up soap will easily fuse to a fresh bar.

Liquid soap is too often presented in a tippy plastic dispenser that falls over every time you use it, gets grungy, and will eventually end up in a landfill. The top of the dispenser is covered in germs; something you don’t have to worry about with a bar as it gets washed every time you use it. Anyway, I have better things to do than sit around refilling liquid soap dispensers.

Like writing posts about how much I hate liquid soap, apparently.

Bar of soap preference is a personal choice but if you’ve thought of ditching the liquid container consider the Pacific Garbage Patch and switch back to bar soap.

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