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  • Sam Darling

Travel ruined me

I love seafood. I have always lived by the ocean apart from those six months in Alberta, Canada. My favorite restaurant as a child was the one that sold me 3lbs lobsters and a bottomless bowl of mussels.

I greatly enjoyed our vacations to the Coromandel and the delicious seafood found there. Living in New Zealand, you’re never far from the coast and this is an area of New Zealand that produces famous green-tip mussels. Here, I point to an area where they’re growing the mussels; the squares on the water.



These amazing mussels are friggin’ HUGE.



The mussels of my childhood won’t do anymore. Now, when I order “normal” mussels, I think of New Zealand.

And this is how travel can ruin your life. You’ll always long for the best of a particular area. In my case, it’ll often be food-based because I’m a glutton.

I’ll be wistful forever.

This state of being applies double to the immigrant experience.

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