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The big bedroom

The grocery delivery guy kept staring at our living room in a weird way and finally said, “I just have to say, this is the neatest apartment I’ve ever seen with two children living in it.”

The room as he saw it:

2014-07-04 08.57.58

It’s not a big apartment by North American standards at 1,100 square feet.

I laughed and explained that it’s because of the big bedroom. Our apartment complex has 85 units. I’ve seen a few dozen of them, and without fail, every family has put the parents in the large master bedroom and the children in the small bedroom. The result? The living room is overflowing with toys.

When we moved in, my organizer brain took one look and put the kids and all of their stuff into the big bedroom. My partner fought me on it at first because it goes against convention. But our tiny bedroom holds our clothing and a bed (with some items held in that bureau you see in the living room). The large room became a nursery in the Edwardian sense, chock-full of toys and clothes and baby stuff. The kids play in there a lot of the time and I get to have a peaceful living room.

And it’s all because I hate stepping on fucking Legos.

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