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La vie parisienne

My diva mother cavorting around Paris in the 1970s. You can hear her singing a duet with Jean-Claude Calon in the link below.

The images in the video are super French: the Eiffel Tower, buying roasted chestnuts, visiting the outdoor artist salons, having a cafe in the park… the whole thing.


Maria Baroni & Jean-Claude Calon Serge Clin in a duet from La vie parisienne (Parisian life) is an opéra bouffe, or operetta, composed by Jacques Offenbach, with a libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy. This duet is from Act II, Je suis la gantierre, Je suis le bottier.

This work was Offenbach’s first full-length piece to portray contemporary Parisian life. Written in 1866.

Jacques Fihl & Joseph Ira Dassin pictured with Maria Baroni around Paris during the time this duet was recorded (early 1970s).

You can find videos featuring the music of the guys pictured. Jacques Fihl:

Joe Dassin has a bunch uploaded, like this one for the song A toi.

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