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Glamorous air travel

Matching outfits and travel with your poodle, Gigi, on your lap.

70 Sept airport? MC, Chou, Helene

[Helen Lasserre & Maria Baroni]

I know we had PanAm swag all over the house when I was growing up so these photos are from the early 70s.

60s Helene arrives at airport

Most common airports for us were Idelwild & Charles de Gaulle. I still get a special thrill when it’s a flight you have to disembark by walking across the tarmac. It feels particularly glamorous because it’s usually a smaller airplane and it seems like private movie-star travel. Over-sized movie star sunglasses are required wear when you haven’t put on your face for a flight.

60s JFK airport, Helene, MC & Chou

I will miss the I.M. Pei terminal at JFK forever.

1960s airport TWA airplane

The update to the  TWA terminal is pretty spectacular still. I love those curved lines. So glad it’s protected architecture now.

I was considering getting a pet and mentioned that an international relocation is a real hassle with pets now. My mother was all, “Just sneak her on the flight in your handbag like we used to do with the dogs!” She’d send them through the x-ray machine and the agent either didn’t notice or looked the other way.

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