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Children’s clothing, organized!

Did you go back-to-school shopping? Is your child’s room overflowing with clothes and making you crazy? I know, right?

I do have one solution for the organizing part of it. Often, the problem with a child’s room is that parents make the mistake of trying to create an adult’s room, only with smaller furniture. A child is never going to want to fuss around with folding clothes or putting things in drawers. Many parents expect their kids to hang clothing on hangers. You will find yourself fighting a losing battle and clothes will live on the floor and you’ll hate everything.

My solution hangs in my daughter’s closet:

2014-09-11 10.18.11

Each activity gets it’s own compartment as well, such as Scouts uniform or ballet supplies.

All children hate tidying. This system is easy. No drawers. No folding. No hangers.

If we’re feeling really fancy she can close the closet door and the whole thing is out of sight. Plus, it leaves a lot more floor space in the room for playing. And as we add more items we can add another $20 hanging organizer to accommodate the stuff. Cheap!

In the closet there is also a cardboard box where she can toss items she has outgrown or decided she no longer likes. This becomes the hand-me-down box for her younger sister.

For her sister I have three bins: tops, bottoms, & socks/shoes all at her eye level.

We still get into fights about clothing–for some reason my eldest hates wearing socks–but there’s no friction around putting stuff away. Maybe this system could help you?

Cheap! You gotta love it.

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