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  • Sam Darling

Body positive

So I’m leaving dance class and an older woman of a certain plush size says to me:

“I wanted to quit when I started but I saw how amazing you look dancing even though you’re keeping it low impact and it kept me going this whole year. Thank you for being brave enough to be at the front of the class.”

And I said:

“Us big girls have more to shake.”

And I did a bit of a belly dance in the lobby of our gym which made her laugh and that made me happy.

This was the second hula of the day as my eldest had already observed that morning:

“The way your stomach hangs over your pants reminds me of something.”

“People call it a muffin top.”

“That’s it!”

Hula hula and twerk twerk and jiggle belly until she begged me to stop.

So if you’re going to comment on my body please know you’re risking me dancing at you aggressively. Comment at your own risk.

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