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What sets Sam Darling apart

Four passports, five US states, and seven nations -- that life experience alone would make you a communication expert. Sam further has a Bachelor of Science from Emerson College, a Certificate in Adult Education from UFV, and training in a variety of techniques from nonviolent communication to growth mindset. With deep roots in social justice training, Sam is sensitive to the needs of marginalized communities and uses humor to get everyone to buy into examining their biases. Sam's extensive performance experience means that she can help clients with articulation and stage presence in a practical and actionable manner. She's overcome stage fright and cultural barriers to experience expansive personal growth and she can help you, too.

Sam Darling was born in France and raised by a notable family of artists and doctors. She traveled the world, shadowing her mother's opera career. They eventually settled in New York City, and Sam embarked on her own theatrical career as a teen but shelved performing to work as a screenwriter in Los Angeles for award-winning film and television all through her twenties. Sam switched gears again to become science literate and work as a science communicator for a large university in New Zealand. She traveled the planet with her own progeny and settled in Canada in 2014.

Sam is secular and evidence-based but leaves the possibility of magic in what happens when heart-centered people influence the world. She wants to empower you to make a difference.

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